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Woodward Prospect

Abstract Lines


  • Re-Entry of AOGB #12232 Woodward 9-11, Section 4, TIGS, R12W, McCracken Mountain Field Area, Fayette Co. Alabama

  • Excellent Invasion of Resistivity Curves indicating Good Permeability.
    Virgin Reservoir, The Millerella Sand Gas is trapped stratigraphically in a thin marine bar sand.

  • Areal Extent: This same 4’ Millerella Gas Sand is present in two wells to the east and northeast suggesting a reasonable drainage area. AOGB permit #502 was drilled in 1955 and the sample descriptions and logs sows 4’ of Sand. AOGB permit #2052 was drilled in 1975 and the logs show 4’ of Sand.

  • Why was this gas zone not tested?
    This well was drilled and logged in September 2001 when the natural gas price was $1.60. The low gas price and the thin pay zone caused the operator to not complete the well.

  • Analogy Wells- Wells that have a similar looking Millerella zone that were completed and have produced.

Millerella Sand


Total Sand


Density Porosity


Cross Plot Porosity, Gas Effect

RT 110


Abstract Lines

Why was this gas zone not tested?

  • AOGB #3978
    Sullivan 20-13, 3-4’ Millerella Gas Sand 4285-4289
    T185, R13W
    Tuscaloosa Co. Ala; Production to Date: 3BCFG+

  • Hammond 13-13         3-4’ Millerella Gas Sand 4511-4575
    T185, R14W
    Pickens Co. Ala           Production to Date: .2BCFG; 18,821 661 Oil

    • Reserve Potential:                .3BCFG- .8BCFC
      ​Woodward Re-Entry

    • Acreage required 320 Acres. West half of section 9, or South half of Section 9 TIGS, R12W, Fayette Co., Ala.

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